Lands of Olderock

Day 1

More dead, or at least I assume. No bodies have been recovered, not as of yet. How many does that make? 5? 6?

Its been at least a fortnight since Lord Sen sent the three travelers from Gorand Keep. Oh I didn’t even bother to learn any of their names, may Hurrand keep their souls.

I had to personally ask Brent to investigate; of course he didn’t want to go. What’s the point of risking his life for 3 strangers? He had a point, but in the end I was able to convince him. I’ll owe him something big.

4 days later Brent returned on his horse, hurt. He reported that he was able to track the 3 adventurers south to the forest. He stated that he could tell that they must have come across a number of the monsters as they approached the forest. He even admitted to finding one the monsters rotting in some brush, its grey blood pouring out from wound in its neck.

From there, he tracked the trio to a cave deeper in the forest. That is where Brent was attacked. The old fool must not have been being careful, but he claims the small monsters moved like the wind through the forest. Brent took a rock to his shoulder and retreated back to Goldwing. He claims to have lost all feeling in his right arm.

We’ve sent word to Lord Sen to report the failure and possible death of his hired mercenaries and to send a physician to help with Brent’s arm.

Last night a rider arrived in Goldwing, Duran Jarnes, who claims to have been sent by Lord Sen. He carried correspondence with the baron’s seal. The baron sends his condolences in regards to the problems the small monsters have caused and he has offered a higher reward to a party that could flush them completely out. 200 gold pieces!

We’ve asked Brent to draw a map to the cave he found. Hopefully more help will arrive soon.

-Sir Tram of Torin



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